New Partnership Literacy Hub for Nottingham

Organisations across the city have partnered with the National Literacy Trust to develop Nottingham’s exciting new Literacy Hub. Facilitated by One Nottingham, partners such as Nottingham City Council, Small Steps Big Changes, City of Literature and Boots have come together to not only look at improving literacy levels across the city, but to increase employability skills amongst secondary and post-secondary pupils, as well as improve transition practices from primary to secondary.

With new Hub Manager Emily Landsborough fresh in post, activities for the Literacy Hub in Nottingham are full steam ahead. The city can look forward to an array of activities following the stakeholder launch in April, with the main public launch taking place in summer 2018, during the school

Centenary Cities Nottingham

Centenary Cities Nottingham is looking for support with their programme of activities and events marking one century of women’s suffrage. For those colleagues who would like to get more involved with the project, we hope there will be multiple one-off volunteering opportunities throughout the year. These will be advertised on the Centenary Cities Nottingham website.

However, we are looking for volunteers to assist with our “Centenary of Suffrage” Voter Registration Drive on Tuesday 20 February. The event will run on Smithy Row from 11am – 4pm. We’re seeking volunteers who can attend for anything from 45 minutes to the whole day. All volunteers will receive a briefing document by email and will be briefed again in person when

Festival of Science and Curiosity

Welcome to the Festival of Science and Curiosity 2018, proudly supported by One Nottingham. This year the event is taking place between 14th and 21st of February. The festival brings creative and inspiring science, technology, engineering and maths based events and activities to the heart of Nottingham. This year sees the biggest ever programme ready to ignite your curiosity, whether you’re 2 or 102! Find out more by clicking here.