New Partnership Literacy Hub for Nottingham

Organisations across the city have partnered with the National Literacy Trust to develop Nottingham’s exciting new Literacy Hub. Facilitated by One Nottingham, partners such as Nottingham City Council, Small Steps Big Changes, City of Literature and Boots have come together to not only look at improving literacy levels across the city, but to increase employability skills amongst secondary and post-secondary pupils, as well as improve transition practices from primary to secondary.Read More Here

Imagination Library Fundraising Challenge

Cllr David Mellen, Nottingham City Council, has completed his challenge to raise funds for the Imagination Library – an amazing scheme that delivers a free book every month to children between the ages of 0 and 5 years old. His challenge was to read a storybook to at least 2018 children in January and we are pleased to announce that he has read to 2,780 children in total and raised over £4,000 so far!… Read More Here