Looking After Each Other

A new Looking After Each Other campaign is launching on Monday 7 November to encourage people to do more to help others. It will run for eight weeks up until Christmas – and give people ideas and suggestions of how they can make a difference in Nottingham.

Ways to make a difference

People tell our parnters they’d like to do more to help others but they’re too busy or don’t know how. So they’ve come up with a range of suggestions that people can do every day when they’re out-and-about, along with ways to be a good neighbour – but they’re also making sure they keep pushing the bigger things that will help to change lives forever, such as fostering.

pdf icon All the ways you can help out [495kb]

Our partners are promoting these on our new website www.LookingAfterEachOther.co.uk.

A partnership approach

The campaign is being run by Nottingham City Council with Nottingham City NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service (NCVS). It is funded by a grant from The Better Care Fund.

The impact it will make

Our partners know that one in three people in Nottingham feel lonely some or most of the time (Citizen Survey 2015). Over half of all people aged 75 and over live alone; and a third of people aged 65 and over feel out of touch with the pace of modern life and one in 10 say they feel cut off from society and trapped in their own homes. Theye also know that younger people are also identifying themselves more often as lonely and isolated.

This has an impact on health and mental wellbeing, which places demand on services. This in turn has a huge financial impact, which our partners simply can’t sustain for the long term with the resources they have available to our city.

They hope this campaign will help with demand management: if theye can encourage people to be more neighbourly and more community-focused, to be kinder and more thoughtful – to think about Looking After Each Other – then people will be able to help them to help others, especially those who are lonely or vulnerable. The message is: ‘Help others feel good’.

The first week of the campaign will finish with #FeelgoodFriday on 11 November. They are encouraging people to do an act of kindness for someone else – and then sharing these via social media.

How you can help

1. Go to the website, look at the menu, and choose what you can do to help others

2. Share the menu with as many people as you can

3. Tell us how you are helping. Use social media, tag @MyNottingham with the hashtag #feelgood

4. Look out for the #Feelgood hashtag on social media – share it, re-Tweet it – help spread the message and celebrate the champions

5. Think about an act of kindness you can do for #FeelgoodFriday on 11 November – then tell us about it. Encourage others to do something too. Spread the message.