One Nottingham hosted the annual Holocaust Memorial Service in January, together with the Nottingham Interfaith Council, Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City Homes. The service is a civic ceremony of commemoration for the six million victims of the Holocaust and all those others who have died as a result of genocide around the world.

The ceremony allowed people to gather and reflect on the impact of the Nazi persecution, and racism and intolerance in society today.

NCH Director of Investment and Business Services, Jonathan Shaw, gave a moving and powerful speech about the inspirational Rabbi Gottlieb, the Rabbi of a synagogue that Jonathan attended growing up in Glasgow.

Attendees also heard from Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovich from the Nottingham Liberal Synagogue, Zaynab Asghar from the Nottingham Muslim Women’s Network and the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Councillor Liaqat Ali who lit a candle on behalf of the City of Nottingham.

Members of the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra provided some very stirring and moving music.

The theme of Holocaust Memorial Day 2019 was ‘Torn from Home’ and attendees were asked to think about ‘What home means to you’.

Some of the responses are below:

Building relationships between different communities in the city and the country Home is where the heart is. Home is a place of security. Home is a place where I can be free!
*  * *

*   PEACE   *

*   *    *

Place of love



A place of sanctuary Warmth
Spread respect and love –  Lord Mayor of Nottingham Home is safe environment where I am ‘free’
Spread love and kindness – Lady Mayoress


‘Home’ = Love, Warmth, Security
Look after family & friends. Look after those who need your help & guidance in life Welcome and encourage in the community, social. Excepting people, not just face value. Feel safe
When life gets you down. Always think, there is someone worse off than you. Always look on the brightside of life


‘Home’ is where I always chose to be. I am so lucky to have a home
Home is love. LOVE Family
To tell our younger generation how many people last their life to give us the way we live today. May they rest in peace. GM


I pledge to do my part un educating the 5% of British citizens who don’t believe the Holocaust took place. – Rabbi Lent
Excellent presentation Home is where I belong part of my soul


A warm home and friends Private space
Home = Happy, safe place with family. We. You feel appreciated; best place, treasure!


Safety; a feeling of belonging; being able to be myself
Safety and love Love and family
Safe a heaven Home is safe, warm, peaceful, joyful and united
Safety, warmth, peace Sanctuary
Family, safety Building good relationships within communities
Safety accepted Home is where your heart is and where you are happiest
Security Pray for understanding between nations. – Sheriff’s Consort
Love, family, safety, harmony, security Nottingham and its people means home to me
Safe haven anchor Kindface snenton
Home is a place where you feel safe, surrounded by people who love you and wish you no harm. Home is a sanctuary where you feel loved and safe with those who care for you. A place where you feel you belong
Love worth safe Belonging
Peace and security Home is a place of security, family and friends
Home is a safe haven to come to in good and bad times Home is a place where one feels safe, secure and warm
We need to build a home for everyone We must always remember and live in peace with one another
Comfort, friendship and family And breathe…