Board Members

Jane Todd

Chair of One Nottingham

Professor Cecile Wright

Voluntary and Community Sector (BME) Advocate

Andrew Redfern

General Voluntary and Community Sector Advocate

Audra Wynter 

Business Sector Representative

Mike Khouri–Bent

Business Sector Representative

David Tilly

Business Sector Representative

Doctor Hugh Porter

Public Sector Representative

Michael Carr

Pro Vice-Chancellor of Employer and Economic Engagement at Nottingham Trent University

Kevin Shakesheff

Pro-Vice Chancellor for Science at the University of Nottingham

Sajid Mohammed

Karimia Institute (Voluntary and Community Sector, Faith)

Nigel Cooke

Director of One Nottingham

Clare Stafford 

Boots, Business Representative

Craig Guilford

Public Sector Representative

Candida Brudenell

Assistant Chief Executive, Nottingham City Council

Councillor Leslie Ayoola

Councillor/Executive Assistant, Nottingham City Council

Archdeacon Sarah Clark

Faith Leaders Group Representative

Stephanie Sirr

Nottingham Playhouse, Strategic Cultural Partnership Representative

Theresa Jennings

Youth Council Representative

Sara Ahmad

Youth Council Representative