City of Football

1782035_352764718241611_8362681220350506835_nOne Nottingham supported and co-ordinated the bid which made Nottingham the only City of Football in England, a Sport England funded programme.

City of Football set out to change the way that football is played by finding new forms of the game and creating new opportunities for real people to play.  We are proud of Nottingham’s football history so we set out to build on that.

City of Football promotes opportunities for Nottingham people to play football. The ambition is to be the city with the most women and girls playing and the most diverse footballers.  Football isn’t just about kicking a ball; it is about having fun, co-operating with each other, getting fit, being fit and keeping active. City of Football helps improve people’s aspirations, unites communities, improves people’s health, and promotes opportunities and fairness. It makes Nottingham a stronger city.

The Sport England funded City of Football programme has now ended.  However One Nottingham continues to support the Inspired by City of Football legacy programme and the work of the City of Football partners. The Director of One Nottingham, Nigel Cooke continues to Chair of the City of Football Board who continue to oversee the legacy work.

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