Other Projects

One Nottingham is involved in a wide range of other projects, which contribute to the priorities and targets of the Nottingham Plan to 2020, and promote the city; supporting communities and citizens in lots of different ways.


Nottingham Literacy Trust

Organisations across the city have partnered with the National Literacy Trust to develop Nottingham’s exciting new Literacy Hub. Facilitated by One Nottingham, partners such as Nottingham City Council, Small Steps Big Changes, City of Literature and Boots have come together to not only look at improving literacy levels across the city, but to increase employability skills amongst secondary and post-secondary pupils, as well as improve transition practices from primary to secondary.

With new Hub Manager Emily Landsborough fresh in post, activities for the Literacy Hub in Nottingham are full steam ahead. The city can look forward to an array of activities following the stakeholder launch in April, with the main public launch taking place in summer 2018, during the school holidays.



Nusic are a Nottingham based community project dedicated to all things Notts and music. Nusic passionately support a wide range of Nottinghamshire’s musicians, who have had no or very little previous media exposure. Their key question is always, ‘can we make a difference’.

Nusic run an annual schools tour, hold workshops and deliver specialist surgeries, as well as producing fortnightly podcasts featuring local artists. They support the Young Creative Awards and host an annual competition called Future Sound of Nottingham, which gives finalists the opportunity of playing to a Rock City audience. The winner then goes on to open on the main stage at Nottingham Splendour festival, who in 2016 were the Young Creative Awards music winners, Super Furniture.

You can find out more information about the work of Nusic at www.nusic.org.uk


Women in Notts

Women in Notts

One Nottingham supports the Women in Notts network, which was relaunched in March 2016.  WIN is a very different sort of women’s network, made up of a group of likeminded leaders and business women, who may be key decision makers, have important roles across the city and county, or who have made their mark on the region, or beyond.

Their informal meetings are used to discuss things that matter across the political, social and business landscape and the group is committed to supporting young women and other aspiring women leaders in the city and county.

Jane Todd, OBE, the Chair of One Nottingham is the patron of Women in Notts; Lorel Manders, One Nottingham Partnership Manager, is on the steering group, and the One Nottingham Team support events and promotions.

You can find out more information about the Women in Notts network at www.womeninnotts.co.uk.

Festival of Science and Curiosity


Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity will be back again in February 2019, with a programme jam-packed full of free, hands-on activities to pique your curiosity.

One Nottingham is proud to be part of this festival once again and you’ll find a whole range of events and activities taking place through-out the week.
Discover incredible science tricks that boggle your brain, try your hand at using top-of-the-range lab equipment to take part in real-life research, put your engineering skills to the test with Lego games and a city-wide rocket challenge, be taken on a journey to outer space in an inflatable.

The festival will be in running activities in schools during the week, in city-centre venues on the weekend and in community libraries during half term.
The programme will go live in January 2019.

For more information, check out www.nottsfosac.co.uk .