Partners Comment on Year 2 Progress

One Nottingham partners give their comments on progress in Year 2 of the Nottingham Plan.


Partners Comments

All One Nottingham partners have met and reaffirmed their commitment to The Nottingham Plan to 2020, which is a ten-year plan, setting out a vision of what Nottingham should look like in the future, following extensive consultation with Nottingham citizens. One Nottingham partner agencies give their views on progress made against the Nottingham Plan targets:

Nottingham City Council

Leader of Nottingham City Council, Councillor Jon Collins, said: “I am proud of the progress and success achieved with our partners over the last year. The development of the Nottingham Growth Plan will help to strengthen Nottingham’s economy through a range of projects linked to enterprise, workforce and infrastructure – providing opportunities for local people and local businesses.

“I am particularly pleased to see crime and anti-social behaviour continue to fall significantly, which makes such a difference to the quality of life for people in our communities.”

Nottinghamshire Police

Nottinghamshire Police Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Simon Nickless, said: “2011 saw the lowest levels of crime within Nottingham City for 30 years. We have worked in partnership to provide a safer environment for all those to live, work and visit the city.

“The perceptions around anti social behaviour in the citizen surveys are at an all time low with just 9% of citizens highlighting ASB as an issue. Nottinghamshire Police will continue to work in partnership to ensure that Nottingham is a significantly safer city with lower levels of crime, fear of crime and perceptions of ASB.

“The work around offender management, drug intervention and victim care illustrate the partnership commitment to tackling the causes of crime and intervening earlier in the lives of those at risk. Nottinghamshire Police will continue to support One Nottingham in the delivery of the Nottingham Plan 2020 and the commitment towards a safer Nottingham.”

NHS Nottingham City

Ron Buchanan, Chair of NHS Nottingham City said:  “Collaborative working with a number of cross-sector partners has resulted in some tangible improvements in the health of our population.  Levels of smoking continue to decrease, as have premature deaths from cardio-vascular disease.  Through the provision of personal health budgets we have been able to offer more flexibility to patients who need long-term support, giving them a real say in how, when and where their care is delivered.  We look forward to working with our One Nottingham partners over the coming years as we continue to tackle the health challenges impacting on our local population and work towards further increasing life expectancy and reducing health inequalities in Nottingham City.”

Nottingham City Homes

Nottingham City Homes Chief Executive, Nick Murphy, said: “Our investment in housing is bringing wider benefits than just modernising homes. We’ve been able to help bring down burglary rates through securer

homes, improve Nottingham’s neighbourhoods, provide a boost to the local economy by providing jobs and apprenticeships and also give people a better quality of life. We’ll continue to make sure that we have homes and places where people want to live – and this will contribute significantly towards the Nottingham Plan.”

Jobcentre Plus

Graham Sheppard, the DWP Job centre Plus, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland District Manager, said: “We are making excellent progress towards achieving our 2020 vision and our joint priorities within the Nottingham Plan. It is great to see the ongoing success of our Employer Engagement Strategy supporting economic growth, tackling unemployment, specifically the results being achieved through the Employer Hub and the Nottingham Jobs Fund that is making a real difference to the lives of young people. We are pleased to be part of such a positive and productive partnership.”

Archdeacon of Nottingham, and One Nottingham Board Member Peter Hill, said: “City partners in the voluntary sector and faith communities recognise and support the dynamic vision in the Nottingham Plan to 2020 One Nottingham is to be congratulated on maintaining and enhancing that vision for our city against the current demanding background of economic challenge.”