ON Board Meetings 2019

One Nottingham Meeting Dates 2019

Meeting Dates:

One Nottingham Board Meetings
Friday 8 February 2019  
10:30am-12.30pm LH 2.11  
Friday 14 June 2019  
10:30am-12:30pm LH 2.13  
Friday 13 September 2019  
10:30am-12:30pm LH 2.11  
Friday 13 December 2019  
10:30am-12.30pm LB 41

One Nottingham Board Papers June 2019

One Nottingham Board Papers February 2019






powerpoint_iconCultural Cities Enquiry Presentation.pptx



One Nottingham Board Papers May 2018


adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x322. One-Nottingham-Board-Minutes-9-March-2018.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x323. Nottingham-Draft-Housing-Strategy-Consultation.pdf



adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x325. Citizens-Survey-2017-One-Nottingham.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x326. Metro-Strategy.pdf


One Nottingham Board Papers March 2018

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x321. ON-Board-Agenda-March-2018.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x322. ON-Board-Meeting-Minutes-2018.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x323. ON-Board-The Literacy Trust Initiatives.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x324a. ON-Board-Governance-Report.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x324b. ON-Board-One Nottingham-Governance-Report.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x325. ON-Board-One Nottingham-Funding-Report.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x326. Nottingham-Awards-Update.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x328. One-Nottingham-Forward-Plan.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x329. One-Nottingham-Board-Meeting-Summary.pdf


One Nottingham Board Papers January 2018

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x321. On-Board-Agenda-January-2018.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x322. Minutes-of-One-Nottingham-Board-November-2017.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x323. Nottingham-Insight.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x324. One-Nottingham-Audit-Update-Partnership-Health-Check-and-Audit-Committee-Report.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x325. VCS-Representation-on-the-One-Nottingham-Board.pdf

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x326. One-Nottingham-Forward-Plan-January – June 2018.pdf


One Nottingham Board Papers November 2017

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x321. ON Board Agenda 6th nov 2017.pdf  [83kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x323. DRAFT of Minutes of One Nottingham Board Sept 2017 – to be checked and verified.pdf [284kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x324.1 Midlands-Engine-Vision-for-Growth.pdf [3mb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x324.2 ON EU Exit Nov v3.pdf [256kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x325.1 ON Board Report_Nottingham Plan_16-17-10 Nov 2017.pdf [180kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x325.2 Draft Nottingham Plan Annual Report.pdf [688kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x326.2 VCS Strategic Reference Group Update and Representation.pdf [241kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x3210. One Nottingham Awards Update.pdf [157kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32Nottingham Local Pilot EOI March 2017 – submitted.pdf [671kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32Nottingham Local Pilot Map -submitted.pdf [1mb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32One Nottingham LDP Stage 2 Submission.pdf [2mb]

powerpoint_iconPt 1 Vs. 4 ONE Nottingham Presentation November 2017-BBA.ppt [10mb]

powerpoint_iconPt 2 Vs. 4 ONE Nottingham Presentation November 2017-BBA.pptx [13mb]

powerpoint_iconPt 3 Vs. 4 ONE Nottingham Presentation November 2017-BBA.ppt [12mb]


One Nottingham Board Paper September 2017

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x321. ON Board Agenda 8th September 2017.pdf  [81kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x322. Draft Minutes of One Nottingham Board 14 July 2017.pdf [201kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x327. Appendix 1. Nottingham Together.pdf [83kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x327. Appendix 2. EU Exit.pdf [175kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x327.1 Nottingham Together, Brexit and Community Cohesion Report.pdf [33kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x329. 1 FORWARD PLAN 2017-2018 v14 draft.pdf [92kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x329.2 Draft ON Board Meeting Dates 2018.pdf [166kb]


One Nottingham Board Paper July 2017

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 1. ON Board Agenda 14th July 2017.pdf  [82kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 2. Draft Minutes of One Nottingham Board 12 May 2017.pdf [205kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 5. VCS Strategic Reference Group Update Report.pdf [234kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 6. IICSA Briefing.pdf [122kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 6. IICSA Leaflet Appendix 2.pdf [611kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 7. Boundary Commission Changes.pdf [322kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 7.i Full Council_Appendix 1_BCE proposals.pdf [151kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 7.ii Full Council_Appendix 2_Extended Nottingham East Final.pdf [152kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 8. One Nottingham Awards Update.pdf [278kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 11. One Nottingham Forward Plan 2017-2018 v12 draft.pdf [100kb]


One Nottingham Board Paper May 2017

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 1. Agenda 12 May 2017.pdf  [84kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 2. Minutes of One Nottingham Board 10 March 2017.pdf [198kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 4.1 ON Report Inclusive Growth May 2017.pdf [138kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 4.2 ON Board Report Inclusive Growth Commission Update V2 05 05 17 DG.pdf [178kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 4.3 Nottingham – Growth Plan 2 v external April 2017.pdf [613kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 5. Youth Engagement and Participation.pdf [247kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 6. One Nottingham Partnership Fund 2016-2017.pdf [280kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 7. A Strategic Voice for the VCS – Update.pdf [172kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 12.1 So you say you want a revolution.pdf [98kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 12.2 Nottingham Local Pilot EOI March 2017.pdf [672kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 12.3 Nottingham Local Pilot Map.pdf [1,412kb]


One Nottingham Board Paper March 2017

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 1. Agenda 10 March 2017.pdf [82kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 2. Minutes of One Nottingham Board 13 January 2017.pdf [185kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 4. Awards 2017.pdf [253kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 5. Brexit and Community Cohesion Report.pdf [125kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 5.1 Brexit Appendix Love Not Hate.pdf [536kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 6. Women in Notts Network.pdf [115kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 10. ON Forward Plan 10 March 2017.pdf [219kb]


One Nottingham Board Paper January 2017

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 1. Agenda 13th January 2017.pdf [81kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 2. Minutes of One Nottingham Board 11 November 2016.pdf [212kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 4. Black Lives Matter.pdf [201kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 5. Nottingham Plan to 2020 Health And Phsyical Activity Target.pdf [92kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 6. Nottingham Written Response Inclusive Growth FINAL.pdf [401kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 7. Community Cohesion Report.pdf [130kb]

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32 7a. Post EU Referendum Update.pdf [101kb]

powerpoint_iconNottingham Black Intergenerational Group (NBIG) Presentation.pptx [69kb]

powerpoint_iconON Nottm Plan Physical Activity CCG Template v2.ppt [8mb]

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