Nottingham VCS Strategic Reference Group


Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS)

Strategic Reference Group   


Following an approach from VCS organisations in the city and a comprehensive review, One Nottingham has now established a new Strategic VCS Reference Group, to support the VCS One Nottingham Board members and to improve the strategic voice of the sector in Nottingham.

The role of the group is to identify strategic issues affecting the city and collaborate with a range of partners to formulate responses to these. Although supporting the One Nottingham Board, the group is independent of One Nottingham and free to prioritise any areas or work it sees as appropriate.

The group is also happy to be consulted by partners and other partnerships around any strategic issues having an impact on the city.

Following a call for Expressions of Interest, the group has been established and is now meeting every 2 months. Andrew Redfern, Chief Executive of Framework and the One Nottingham Board Member representing the General VCS sector is the chair. You can see a copy of the Terms of Reference for the Group here.

You can find a list of VCS Members and Contact Details here and more information on the meetings here.

For more information on the work of the Nottingham Voluntary and Community Sector Strategic Reference Group, email