Sport England Local Delivery Pilot

Sport England are looking to fund up to 10 local delivery pilots across England.  They want to test bold new approaches to sport and physical activity that are designed to attract people who don’t already take part.  They will support local partners to create plans based on the place itself – understanding in detail the barriers that exist.

The One Nottingham Partnership are leading a bid for Nottingham to be chosen by Sport England as one of these pilot places.

  • Our city has a higher proportion of inactive people and lower proportion of active people than England
  • Most areas of the Nottingham City have a healthy life expectancy that is worse than on average across England

This is recognised locally with health life expectancy being the focus of a number of key strategies and plans that recognise the huge role physical activity has to play. Big change requires big ambitions and a whole city approach offers us the opportunity to learn about how to enact change on scale but at the same time in a way that tackles inequalities in health and physical activity.

We have in place advocacy, support and leadership at the highest strategic level in the city for the pilot.    Nottingham has a record of pushing boundaries.   We stand out for being strategically connected across sectors and industries and have a partnership of differences with a common agenda.  We are open to learn and to change, a commitment to collaborate and drive whole system change.

Our Expression of Interest was very positively received by Sport England and the One Nottingham bid has progressed to Stage 2.  We are now working on this next submission and will hear whether we have been successful in November this year.

We want this pilot to transform the lives of those living in our city.


A City Built on Rebel Hearts and Winners

Peom written by Bridie Squires, Mouthy Poets and Creative Writing YCA Winner 2014 to support our Expression of Interest


You say you want a revolution?

It’s time to let us deliver.

You see, our city’s built

on rebel hearts and winners.


There’s an issue we should face

Enough of the frivolity

Some suburbs in this town

Reek of stubborn inequality


A quarter of people’s lives,

In this place, our city,

are spent in poor health.

Our statistics don’t look pretty.


A seventeen year life gap?

Between the rich and poor?

A generation lost to folk.

We need to do much more.


So now we are defiant

the armchair felt wears thin.

We crave the movement stashed

in the riot dance within.


Yes, some of us are frightened,

locked into boxes of ‘no’;

waiting for actors to transform,

to light the way and show.


We are bold in our hearts,

We are bold in our art,

Ready to show you how, as One

Nottingham change will start


To hear this poem in an authentic Nottingham voice, watch the video below or view it on Vimeo.

(turn up the volume on your PC)


Our Local Delivery Pilot Nottingham Partnership led by One Nottingham

These are the organisations and people we have consulted with in producing our Local Pilot Expression of Interest.

  • One Nottingham
  • Nottingham City Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Director of Public Health, Nottingham City
  • Nottingham Cultural Strategic Partnership
  • Nottingham Cultural Education Partnership
  • Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service
  • Nottingham City of Football
  • Rebalancing the North
  • Nottingham City Council
  • Central College Nottingham
  • University of Nottingham
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Nottingham City Homes
  • Nottingham Unesco City of Literature
  • Gamecity – the National Videogame Arcade
  • Confetti Institute of Creative Technology
  • New Art Exchange
  • Horizon – Digital Economy Research Institute, University of Nottingham
  • Nottingham Forest Community Trust
  • Notts County Football in the Community
  • Himmah Charity Organisation
  • The Renewal Trust
  • Nottingham Ice Arena
  • Walgreen Boots Alliance
  • Nottingham and District YMCA
  • Nonsuch Theatre, Nottingham
  • Notts TV
  • Broadway Cinema
  • LeftLion Extended
  • MaceSport
  • Laureus Sport for Good Foundation
  • Members of Nottingham What’s Next Group
  • Sport Nottinghamshire
  • Nottingham Creative Quarter
  • Gedling Borough Council
  • Ashfield District Council
  • Broxtowe Borough Council
  • Rushcliffe Borough Council