Nottingham Awards/Goose Fair Dinner 2017

Rose Thompson, Daniel Hanson and Ruth Shelton with their awards 2016

Nominations are now closed for the Nottingham Awards 2017.

This year the Awards are sponsored by Goose Fair events team The Mellors Group

Nominations were invited for people who have made a significant and lasting impact for Nottingham, in Nottingham. This impact can have been locally, regionally and potentially wider.  People who are nominated should have made their contribution whilst living, working in or have made Nottingham the centre of the work that the nomination/award recognises.

People who are eligible to receive a Nottingham Award should not have received a major award for their contribution to the city (such as MBE or similar UK award).

The awards will be presented at an annual event at the Nottingham Council House which marks the Goose Fair each year. The people who have been shortlisted will take part in a memorable evening.  You can view the photos from the previous years’ awards here: Nottingham Awards 2016 pictures